Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Easter: How Sweet It is

Va-va-voom... vanilla shortbreads decorated by Gena Karpf and her crew at Sweetness the Patisserie.
One of the perks of being a food writer is that I get to meet so many proud, dedicated passionate individuals. Last year, I interviewed Gena Karpf, head pastry chef at Epping's Sweetness The Patisserie, for a story about the hottest hot cross buns in Sydney for Good Food.

'Ears to a Happy Easter thanks to Sweetness the Patisserie. 
Gena's patisserie recently celebrated its sixth year in business and her recently released Easter range for 2015 is a beautiful thing. It includes everything from pretty vanilla shortbread to chocolate, coconut and marzipan nests, rocky road eggs made with 'mallows, violet and lemon fudge and a selection of chocolates that score for appearance and taste.

Eggs eleven. Less is more with these sweet treats handcrafted by Gena Karpf and team at Sweetness the Patisserie.
What I love about Sweetness is that the business is built around the joy of giving and receiving.
"My Easter treats are breathing new life into many long-lost traditional favourites and offer a depth of flavour that is only possible with handmade items," says Gena.

These treats are all Sweetness and light and almost too pretty to eat. 
Sweetness the Patisserie goodies are available online or from the store, which is located at 38 Oxford Street, Epping. (02) 9869 3800 www.sweetness.com.au

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