Monday, 30 May 2016

Win tickets to see Mat McHugh @ The Brass Monkey, Cronulla

Mat McHugh will perform at the Brass Monkey Cronulla on June 24.                             Image: Supplied
YOU'VE JUST COMPLETED A SOLD-OUT SUMMER SOUND SYSTEM TOUR WITH THE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS. WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM MAT MCHUGH SOLO? My setlist draws from the albums I've been putting out under my own name, including my new album. Also, the lineup for this tour is a two-piece; guitar, vocals, and beats. The Beautiful Girls is fun but I've done that for a long time. Right now, this is more fun. I will be playing a lot of songs from WAVES for sure; it's my favourite album.  


Nothing really. When I need to switch my brain off, I watch crappy television. Does that count?

WHERE DO YOU GO FOR A FRIDAY NIGHT TIPPLE? I'm coming across as pretty boring in this interview, but I have never really been one for going out drinking. Most of my time has always been spent either with my family or making music.  

FUNDAY SUNDAY? A surf, a swim with my family, seafood and music on the beach.

SOMETHING WE DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU? Every single time I play a show I am convinced not a single person will turn up. Sometimes, when they do, I think it must be some sort of joke.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Creativity in all forms is super inspiring. I get equally as inspired eating an amazing meal, wearing a well-cut shirt or staring at architecture. I feel like, sometimes, that true creativity is at odds with popular opinion by its very nature. I'm inspired to keep pushing creatively despite that fact, and to always try and grow more brave.

I've only lived here for 5 years so I don't really qualify as a local, I'm not about to give away any secrets or no-one will ever tell me any again.


WHERE DO YOU GO FOR COFFEE? Every since I injured my neck I've been on a pretty brutal regime and sadly coffee, among many other fun things, had to go. Prior to that I was on about four double espressos a day from HAM (Harry and Mario's). I consider myself to be somewhat of an aficionado andI have not found a single better coffee in this country.

BEST LOCAL LUNCH SPOT? I'm a big fan of the salad rolls from the Vietnamese bakery.

DATE NIGHT? We have a five-year-old son. Remind me again what 'date night' is?

THE BRASS MONKEY IS ONE OF AUSTRALIA'S BEST LIVE MUSIC VENUES. WHAT IS IT YOU LOVE ABOUT PERFORMING THERE? I love the people that own it and the people that work there. I love that I can walk there in one minute from my house. I love that there is a venue in Cronulla that plays host to so much amazing music. I love that they let me sneak in and see shows all the time. I love the BBQ octopus. It's a good place to play, It's got the vibe.

MAT MCHUGH will be performing at the Brass Monkey, Cronulla on Friday June 24. We have a double pass to the gig to give away and a copy of Mat's latest album. All you have to do is share this post, like the Brass Monkey Facebook page and tag the person you'd like to join you.  The comment with the most likes by Friday next week will be the winner.

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